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Garden of Hope / Elina Holley / Exhibition N°2

Garden of Hope / Elina Holley / Exhibition N°2

The kaleidoscope of butterflies on the ground is going to be wiped out by our footprints. Is this the pollinators’ destiny? This temporary biodegradable street art piece represents the extinction of pollinators, which is endangering food production and the balance of nature.

Behind the ‘Ghost butterflies’ artwork is Kind of Green gallery where Holley has assembled the Garden of Hope. There you can find unique, vivid fine art giclée prints (only one made of each image). In addition, there are art posters from the ’Spread Your Wings’ series of 20.

“I’ve seen a lot, but your work was amazing.”

“This exhibition is comforting. I love the atmosphere and colour of your artwork.”

Elina Holley’s artworks’ organic shapes highlight nature’s balance, while their somewhat mechanical graphic style opposes this. Garden of Hope is a bright and slightly strange spot during uncertain and threatening times.

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