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Helsinki Fashion Week 2020

Helsinki Fashion Week 2020

15 international sustainable designers have been selected to take part in Helsinki Fashion Week 2020’s Designer Residency Program which will launch the 6th edition of Helsinki Fashion Week. During the residency, designers will collaborate and work together and focus on transparency, collaboration, and will reuse materials to create their entire collections.

The residency will be filmed and live-streamed every day together with partner global broadcasting company. HFW will turn the Designer Residency concept into an interactive game-like process creating results that cannot be planned fully or foreseen at the start of the design process. Using technology implemented in real life to communicate with the mainstream in realtime, creating a new co-creative web that enables conscious collaboration and change. To scale the vision and impact across industries, Helsinki Fashion Week will be partnering with experts from a range of disciplines, including science, technology, and innovation who will be joining the residency as mentors.

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