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Nina B. – Hyperborean HeArt – from Finland with love…

Nina B. – Hyperborean HeArt – from Finland with love…

Exhibition ”Hyperborean HeArt – from Finland with love…”

Opening will be on Wednesday, November 4th, 2020  from 4 – 6 pm
dresscode during Covid19-times: facemask

Nina B.’s paintings are mainly abstract, heavily layered, sometimes relief-like creations in acrylic paint, typically on square canvases. In her art she chooses to playfully combine things and materials in ‘unconventional’ ways, adding a little something one wouldn’t necessarily expect… the small thing, that makes a piece ‘special’ – gives it meaning, depth and a certain ‘feel’.

The ’Hyperborean HeArt’ exhibition showcases a selection of ’Nina B.’s, that is Nina Leppälä’s paintings from the years 2018-2020.
Most of the paintings on display are medium sized (80×80 upto 120×120 cm). There also is a range of small scale works (20×20 cm) as well as the more than 2-meters wide. ‘Wings of Change’ painting, which emerged during the Corona-spring.

Come in and explore.
The exhibition is open Mon-Fri from 10-am – 6 pm and  Sat 10 am-5 pm.

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