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NouNous Festival 3.-8.12.2019

NouNous Festival 3.-8.12.2019

NouNous Festival is back!
This year the third edition of Kallo Collective’s unique 6 day festival of physical comedy includes performances by acclaimed local and international artists from Mexico, France, Russia and New Zealand. Cirko – Center of the New Circus is the playground to 6 different shows with astonishing artists.

The festival starts with a world premiere of minimalist physical theatre – Only Bones v1.3 – Jenni Kallo. Concerto pour deux clowns takes us to a journey where Vivaldi, Strauss and Bach are on the programme, but the musicians are clowns. In Attraction Capillaire anything can happen when we are dealing with the combination of hair hanging and Finnish humour. Gabriela Munoz’s Dirt reveals masks behind our social stereotypes and reckless customer servants in Receptionists are strongly physical, unconventional and hilarious. KWALK – with 6 performers – is a fireworks of performing arts.

Presale via Tiketti – serial tickets only 60€ including 4 free to choose shows.

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