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22.5.2014 Text: Ida Martela Photos: Riku PIhlanto / City of Helsinki
Basket Ball

Looking to break a sweat during your visit to Helsinki? Check out our tips on activities and exercise!

Parkour Center

All you need is a pair of comfy shoes and you can do parkour practically anywhere you travel. However, in Helsinki, you also have the chance to train your parkour skills in a center specially designated for that. You don’t need to be member, anyone can go and train by just paying the entry fee which, for adults, is 8 €. Besides the parkour tracks the center offers a wide range of training possibilities from kettlebells to pull-up bars and climbing ropes. There is also a bouldering wall for those interested in climbing.

The centre is located in Teerisuonkuja 4, just half an hour away from the city center. The easiest way to get there is to take the N-train from Rautatientori to Malmi railway station which is about a kilometer away from the Parkour Center.

Toyota Climbing Arena

Toyota Climbing Arena is the biggest indoor climbing center in the Nordic countries. There you can find one of the world’s highest climbing walls, the Rocktopia, which rises as high as to 30 metres. Previous experience in climbing is not required. For the beginners the Arena offers guided climbing trials which include all the equipment needed. For those interested in bouldering the arena offers over 100 bouldering tracks which are color-coded by their level of difficulty.

Street Basketball

Do as the locals and arrange a game of street basketball on one of the many courts in Helsinki. If you’re traveling alone you can also join the locals in their games. The courts are scattered around the city with a couple in Hietaniemi beach, one next to Maria’s Hospital and one in Lauttasaari Beach, just to mention a few. The courts are free for anyone to use but you have to bring along your own basketball.


Helsinki Golf Club, founded in 1932, is the oldest golf course in Finland located in the old park of Tali manor just 6 kilometers northwest from the city center. The empire-style mansion from the 19th century which serves as the clubhouse is an attraction itself. After the golf round you can enjoy a nice meal in its beautiful restaurant which has a terrace looking down to the 18th green.
The green fee is 65 € for adults and 32 € for juniors. The handicap limit for men is -30 and for women -36. You can make the tee time reservations by calling +358 9 2252 3710 or emailing The golfclubs can be rented on site. To get there take the bus 14 or 39 from Kamppi to Takomotie from which you have a 400 meter walk to get there.

Helsinki Golf Club also gives out private lessons for those who are interested in improving their skills. The price for a half an hour lesson for 1-2 people is 30 €.

Running and walking

Helsinki has plenty of beautiful running and walking tracks along the coastline as well as inland. The Central Park of Helsinki is 10 kilometers long and has several hiking trails and jogging paths which you can enjoy on your visit. If you wish to get a guided jogging tour along with other travelers check out Helsinki Running Tours website on and book yourself a tour to the most fascinating jogging tracks in town!

Sauna Yoga

Go experimental! Sauna Yoga is a Finnish counterpart for the classic Hot Yoga and is definitely worth a try while you are in Helsinki. It differs from Hot Yoga, as it is practiced entirely sitting down and in a sauna (normally 50 degrees celsius)! There are classes you can attend in the city center, be sure to check if it possible to attend as an English-speaker. For more info on this sweaty sport and the organisers, visit: 


What better way to be acquainted with the beautiful sea than to go in it! Try kayaking at Natura Viva in Vuosaari. They organize canoeing trips and tours from the 3rd of May at Ramsinniementie 14. There are hundreds of options and routes available. The summer days are long and light and conditions are stable even for beginners. There are several islands, where you can stop to have a break or even spend the night in a tent!

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