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Carpet Washing Jetties

7.6.2018 Text: Helsinki This Week Photos: Julia Kivelä / Visit Finland
carpet washing jetties (c) Julia Kivelä Visit Finland

The local oddity are wooden carpet washing jetties all around the shores of the city. The history of the jetties goes back over 100 years, but they are still in actual use. The carpet washing jetties are prepared for use after the winter at the beginning of May and Helsinkians use them all summer until September.

Enjoying the washing and the sunsets

Washing carpets is one of the most useful and fun summer activities in Helsinki.  Next to the jetties you can also see big carpet drying racks. Usually people go and wash their carpets, and have a picnic afterwards while the carpets dry in a warm summer wind.

In the evenings you’ll see people sitting on jetties, having picnics and drinks, and admiring sunsets. That’s perfectly ok, but always remember to keep your surroundings tidy.

The effect on environment

The effect of carpet washing on marine environments has been carefully researched. When eco-labelled detergents are used, significant negative effects haven’t been found. One of the traditional, eco-friendly detergents is liquid pine soap which gives the unique fresh scent to the washing jetties areas.

You can spot the jetties when strolling on the shoreline, but there’s also a map of Helsinki’s carpet washing jetties. Just go here.

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