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Change in the Air

16.11.2017 Text: Jaana Helminen Photos: Pinja Näkki / University of Helsinki
Museum of Natural History (c) Pinja Näkki / University of Helsinki

Learn how climate change affects our environment and visit other fascinating exhibitions in Luomus, the Museum of Natural History.

The Change in the Air exhibition shows how climate change affects our northern environment and suggests how we can adjust to it. The exhibition includes woolly mammoths from the last Ice Age with a cave lion and an Irish elk. It showcases also many animals and plants that have survived the severe changes of climate and still exist in Finland today. Change in the Air also presents the research on climate change that is conducted at the University of Helsinki.

Alongside this exhibition, the Museum of Natural History has four other permanent exhibitions. Those are Finnish Nature, World Nature, The History of Life and The Story of the Bones. These exhibitions showcase the diversity of nature from Finland as well as other parts of the world. Take a tour at the museum and familiarize yourself with Finnish nature from the summery archipelago to the wintery Lapland. You can also experience a journey from the early history of the Earth through time and towards the future.

The Museum of Natural History is located in the heart of Helsinki on Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 13, just behind the Parliament House. The museum building can be easily recognized from the huge moose-statue and two giant giraffes next to the main entrance.

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