Helsinki Card
Helsinki Card

Designer Samu-Jussi Koski

11.3.2014 Text: Annaliina NIitamo Photos: Ateneum
My Helsinki_Samu-Jussi Koski

Samu-Jussi Koski is a Finnish fashion designer. Samu-Jussi Koski served as the artistic director of Marimekko in 2008-09. He established the private clothing label Samuji in 2009 and has since then attracted lots of international attention. He received the Kultainen Vaatepuu (Golden Clothes Hanger) award in 2012. The street address of his shop is Pohjoisesplanadi 37.

My favourite place

My Helsinki is a green city. In addition to seashores, parks and even forests, Helsinki is also home to beautiful green-thumb oases, botanical gardens. A Sunday stroll to the University of Helsinki Botanical Garden in Kaisaniemi or a bicycle trip to the Kumpula Botanic Garden, which opened to the public a couple of years ago, is a source of relaxation and inspiration.

My favourite person

We were shooting photos for a range of my clothing label Samuji at the atelier residence of design legend Yrjö Kukkapuro and his wife Irmeli Kukkapuro near Helsinki. It is easy to become mesmerised by the Kukkapuros – what a couple, what an attitude to life and what aesthetics! I sincerely hope that I will myself be able to retain such optimism and joy.

My favourite event

Last summer, I have celebrated the weddings of two of my dear friends on small islands that lie just off Helsinki and I must say that my very favourite event is a friend’s wedding on a summer night in Helsinki. Our city is incredibly beautiful when viewed from the sea – especially when a pretty bride is dancing with abandon to a hip kletzmer band playing in an adjacent boat shed.

My favourite service

Many small independent stores and other services owned by one or two people have survived in Helsinki. These brick and mortar establishments are essential to a vibrant and human city. The quirky shops and hair salons of Kallio, the small corner shops and cafes of Kaartinkaupunki – or the family business that washes shop windows along Esplanadi. The Samuji shop is also located on Pohjois-Esplanadi.

My favourite thing

These Helsinki nights: in summer, a large group of my friends will finish off a party on the Observatory Hill lawn, sipping the excessively strong punch someone brought along and listening to music from someone else’s boombox. In winter, we gather on a small rocky outcrop in the middle of Vallila’s wooden houses for New Year’s Eve. Area residents, neighbours, people who don’t know one another on a normal weekday. Fleeting acquaintances become great friends for that one night surrounded by beautiful little Helsinki.

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