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Chef Jyrki Sukula

11.3.2014 Text: Annaliina Niitamo Photos: Nelonen
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Jyrki Sukula worked as a cook and a chef at various Helsinki restaurants for 30 years. Today, he breeds chickens in Southwest Finland and grows Barolo wine in the Piedmont region of Italy.

A young and innovative generation of chefs who have seen the world and are now unabashedly realising their own style have taken over the city. They have made it a place you can proudly show anyone. These are my Helsinki favourites.

Taste of Helsinki

On the official Helsinki Day (12.6), I bypass the numerous concerts and cultural happenings to head for the Taste of Helsinki event. This is one of the best culinary events I’ve ever visited; in just a few hours, you get to see a cross-section of Helsinki’s most interesting restaurants. In a single visit, you can feast on a five-course menu with exclusive wines, all served up by a different restaurant!

Chef & Sommelier

When I want to take my palate on a summery nature excursion, my path leads to the Chef & Sommelier restaurant and the wonderful creations of chef Sasu Laukkonen. He is one of the fantastic breed of professionals who take advantage of wild Finnish ingredients.


Sapas is a Finnish take on Spain’s tapas dishes and the creators of this idea are based at Juuri restaurant. When I want to experience seasonal flavours, the sapas at Juuri are what I go for.

Markets and Market Halls

Markets and market halls are an integral aspect of our urban culture. They are great places to experience local life and, for locals, also to get a feel for the international. My favourite is Hietalahti Market Hall – the Roslund butchers sell Helsinki’s best burger, the Rosburger. Hietalahti Market Hall, Lönnrotinkatu 34.

Kaffa Roastery

Good coffee was in short supply in Helsinki for a long time, but a number of small roasting specialists have sprung up to the joy and delight of the citizenry. One of my favourites is Kaffa Roastery. In addition to excellent coffee, they sell Finland’s best handmade Levy chocolate that is crafted with love and passion by internationally renowned photographer Tuukka Koski. Roastery & Showroom, Pursimiehenkatu 29 A.

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