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Ice hockey player Steve Moses

23.11.2018 Text: Helsinki This Week Photos: Jokerit
My Helsinki: Steve Moses

Steve Moses is a professional ice hockey player for the Finnish ice hockey team Jokerit. Jokerit plays in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL), the premier professional ice hockey league in Europe and Asia. Moses joined Jokerit for the 2012–13 season and during 2014–15 he was KHL’s leading goal scorer. He returned to Helsinki in late 2017.

Why did you want to become a professional hockey player?

I started to play hockey when I was 5 years old and immediately fell in love with the game. It’s always been one of the biggest parts of my life so it was never a decision to become a pro because it was something I enjoyed and still do to this day.

How do you find Helsinki compared to you home city?

I’m from Leominster, Massachusettes which is a small town. It’s a suburb with only a few restaurants and there’s no real city center. Just single family houses and neighborhoods. Helsinki is quite a bit different and I love living here during the season. There are so many great restaurants and places to go shopping. Helsinki still has that smaller city feel to it and it’s easy to get around here. Pretty quickly you learn where everything is and you can basically walk everywhere. That’s really nice.
Helsinki is become really comfortable for me to live here because I know the city really well. My wife loves it here, as do my parents when they visit us. It’s a friendly city and so easy to get around since everybody speaks good English. It certainly feels like a second home for me.

How would you describe Jokerit as a team?


1. Hartwall arena
it’s the place where I have my best memories in this country. There’s always great atmophere in games, we get to do what we love, people are cheering for you and that’s why we are here.
2. Restaurants & Cafés
Outside the rink there are also so many good restaurants and cafés so it’s pretty much just anyone’s pick what they like. I can’t name them all.
3. The Sea
When the weather is nice and sunny I like to spend time by the sea. There are really nice places to have a lunch or coffee by the water.

The club is very well run and a very professional team. Players are taken care of immediately when they arrive and treated with respect. That’s a huge thing that players really appreciate. Most importantly, you always know that you’re going to be on a good team when you come here. You will always have a chance to be successful here. The guys help and push each other – there’s always great atmosphere within the team. Jokerit does a great job of keeping players happy.

What’s your typical day like as a hockey player in Helsinki?

When we’re at home during the season we pretty much play every other day. During the off-days we have meetings at the rink in the morning, then we practice and after that it’s all about nutrition and rest. I might take a nap in the afternoon and just relax in the evening. On gamedays everything is focused on the game. We have a short morning skate, then we go home to rest and come back to the rink. After the game we usually go have dinner some place. That’s a good 12-hour day and everything is focused on the performance on the ice.

How’s the season going so far for Jokerit and for you?

We’ve had a great start as a team. We’re well-balanced and attack with five players with the defensemen joining rushes. I think we have a pretty exciting style of play to watch and score a lot of goals. Personally, I’ve had tough times scoring goals which is what I’m expected to do. That can be difficult mentally for a goal scorer. But the team does a great job supporting me and I’m getting chances which is important. It’s just a matter of getting yourself out of it, getting a few bounces to go your way and then you have that feel for scoring again. I’m sure it will turn around soon.

See Jokerit and Steve play:

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