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The new generation of Frantsila Herbfarm, Jupiter Cormier & Anna Karhu-Cormier

15.1.2019 Text: Helsinki This Week Photos: Frantsila Herbfarm, Mariela Sarkima
My Helsinki: Jupiter Cormier & Anna Karhu-Cormier

Frantsila is a Finnish family-run business and pioneer of organic herb farming in the Nordic countries. Their business has been specialised in manufacturing organic products that promote holistic well-being and beauty since 1981. The agronomists Virpi Raipala-Cormier and Jim Cormier established the Wellbeing Center focusing on natural health products on the family farm. Their son Jupiter Cormier and his wife, Anna Karhu-Cormier, represent the next generation. Jupiter is the Managing Director of Frantsila and Anna is the Creative Director of Frantsila.

What is the ideology behind Frantsila?

Our farming practice is based on the fundamental idea of reciprocity, which suggests that all healthy relationships are based on a cyclical process of taking and giving back. For example, we take leaves, flowers and roots from the plants we grow, to preserve and extract their bio-active ingredients, which we then use in our natural beauty and wellness products. We give back to nature by caring for our herb and flower fields in a way that respects the bio-diversity of the local ecosystem, which then benefits the tens of thousands of insects and other animals, including humans! This holistic approach is at the core of everything we do. Likewise, we have also established a Well-Being Center, which operates alongside the farm, and which offers various courses and therapies that connect ideas of beauty and wellness to a genuine holistic practice and experience.

The Garden Trilogy is Frantsila’s new line of products. Can you tell us a little more about it?

The Garden Trilogy is Frantsila’s new multi-sensory beauty and wellness series, which crystallizes Frantsila’s broader philosophy of holistic well-being. Specifically, we have tried to distill the sensory beauty of the herb garden into three interrelated products, a De-stress tonic, an Anti-pollution facial serum and Aura perfume oil, each one providing its own sensory way to beauty. Both generations collaborated to create the new products.

What kinds of products can we expect to see from Frantsila in the future?


1. Market
You can find Frantsila’s natural scents parfumerie Apothecary from the heart of Helsinki in Market located at the address Pohjoisesplanadi 19. There you can create a unique oil perfume as a souvenir and get to know frantsila’s product offering.
2. Shops in Helsinki
You can find Frantsila’s products from many shops in Helsnki, e.g. Stockmann Department Store and Sokos Department store.
3. Frantsila online store

At Frantsila, new product development is a major priority. We produce most of our products in our own factory, which gives us remarkable control over the research and development process. 2019 will see the introduction of new products, including aromatherapeutic salves and Calendula-Carrot facial oil for springtime skin nourishment.

Are you heading towards the international market or are you already there?

Frantsila’s products have been available in Japan, and we are also planning to export to other countries, such as Korea and the USA. We have also launched our new online web shop, which is available in both Finnish and English languages, and which already delivers throughout Europe, and will eventually deliver worldwide.

What are your favourite products?

Anna: At the moment, my favourite products include the Anti-Pollution Facial Serum from the Garden Trilogy. It’s a perfect product for nourishing the skin in the winter. Another favourite is the De-Stress Tonic from the same series. This calming tonic is sprayed directly into the mouth and it immediately brings balance to a hectic work week.
Jupiter: My top product is our Tiger Power Balm. When I start to feel even the slightest bit under the weather, I rub it on my neck, ears and the soles of my feet, which has saved me from getting ill countless times. During the flu season, I also use our organic Echinacea Extract Herbal Tincture, which keeps my immune system in shape.

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