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Lumene – Finnish Classic Skincare Brand

11.1.2018 Text: Helsinki This Week Photos: Lumene
Wellness (c) Harri Tarvainen / Visit Finland

Want to experience Arctic lumenessence – the beauty of pure, naturally luminous skin?

Lumene was founded in the 1970’s and became fast a market leader in Finland. It was named after the Lummenne lake in Central Finland and it was also derived from ’lumen’ the Latin for light.

Lumene’s inspiration springs from the nature and Arctic plants. So, they use ingredients from Northern Finnish plants as sea buckthorns, Nordic cotton, bine bark, cloudberry and birch sap. Consequently, light places a special role in Lumene’s products. Finnish light cycle, 8 months of darkness and 4 months of intense light, stimulates Arctic plants to produce unbelievably high levels of nutrients and antioxidants.

You’ll find Lumene products in most of the supermarkets and department stores in Helsinki.

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