Helsinki Card
Helsinki Card

Marimekko – The cornerstone of Finnish design

30.8.2016 Text: Helsinki This Week Photos: Jussi Hellsten
Marimekko (c) Jussi Hellsten / Visit Helsinki

Marimekko is part of Finnish culture as strongly as snow and sauna.

Marimekko has been a much loved producer of Finnish unique design ever since it was founded in 1959 by Armi and Viljo Ratia. It is known for colourful patterns, simple but stylish bags, and many beautiful and useful accessories. Timelessness, quality and style are the words most often related to Marimekko.

Marimekko is also renowned internationally. Already in 1960 Jackie Kennedy Onassis wore a Marimekko dress for the U.S. Presidential Election. In recent years international big names such as Elton John, Sarah Jessica Parker and Anne Hathaway have been seen to wear Marimekko. By the way, Elton John wore Marimekko sneakers with the playful and colourful poppy pattern!

There are many Marimekko stores in the centre of Helsinki and over 15 in the Helsinki area. Don’t forget Marikahvila café in Galleria Esplanad which is entirely decorated in Marimekko style. Pay attention to details as all the cups, plates and table cloths are from Marimekko’s collections.

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