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The founder of the Finnish natural cosmetics line Mia Höytö

28.12.2016 Text: Helsinki This Week Photos: Mia Höytö Cosmetics
My Helsinki: Mia Höytö

Mia Höytö is the founder of Mia Höytö Cosmetics. Her skincare line was launched in 2012. Mia is a vegetarian and a nature lover. Mia’s favourite place in Helsinki is Kruununhaka where she lives. She also loves Katajanokka, where you can see her running with her dogs.

Mia, you’re the founder of the natural cosmetics line, Mia Höytö Cosmetics. What is the story behind the brand?

I have been a vegetarian about 15 years and therefore got interested in natural beauty. Our skin is the biggest organ we have and because of that it is very important to use only natural beauty products. My own skin has always been very difficult and because I didn’t find the products I was looking for, I decided to create organic skincare line myself.

What kind of products your cosmetics line include?

Skincare products which are organic and effective, and our key ingredients come from the Scandinavian nature.

Finns would find the titles of your products interesting and intriguing, such as Lempeä Uni (lovely sleep), Lumous (enchantment) or Sievä (pretty). How did you come up with those titles?

These are beautiful Finnish words which are capturing the feeling of each product.


1. The Nature
The nature is so close even in the heart of the city. Kaivopuisto and Tervasaari are one of my favorite nature spots in Helsinki. In these places you can find beautiful parks and the sea, which is so important part of Helsinki.
2. The Restaurants
In Helsinki we have many good restaurants. Some of my favorites are Muru, Silvoplee and Kuurna.

Why would you recommend natural cosmetics to people, in general?

Like I said, our skin is the biggest organ we have. Therefore everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. Organic products are free from harmful chemicals. Also, natural ingredients are effective, because your skin knows how to use them.

Where are your products available?

You can find them from department stores Sokos and Stockmann, and also from the beautiful boutiques around Finland. Internationally they are available in 10 different countries.

You use Finnish ingredients in your products, such as birch and oat. How does Finnishness show in your products in general?

We use ingredients like birch tree sap, oat extract, beta-glucan, berry seed oils etc. which are from the northern nature. Because of the harsh climate the ingredients are very effective and especially high in antioxidants. Finnishness can be found from the ingredients, but also the design of the packaging is very sleek, modern and Finnish.

What is your relationship to Helsinki?

I’m originally from Äänekoski, which is a small town in the lake region in the middle of Finland. My parents are both from Helsinki and they decided to try the countryside living for a while. I moved to Helsinki city center when I was 18 and have been living here since. Helsinki is my home.

How do you see natural cosmetics scene in Helsinki at the moment?

Natural cosmetic scene is doing great in Helsinki. People are very interested in organic food and the products they are putting on their skin. We have beautiful stores which are selling organic brands and the whole scene is developing fast.

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