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Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma

16.11.2017 Text: Henry Loveless Photos: Pirje Mykkänen / Visit Finland
Kiasma (c) Pirje Mykkänen / Visit Finland

The gallery that makes modern art an adventure!

Rainy day alternatives are always handy in Helsinki and one of the best is the beautiful contemporary art museum, Kiasma. Designed by renowned American architect Steven Holl, the museum was opened in 1998 and its engaging architecture and exciting exhibitions, as well as a great cafe and shop, make it the perfect place to visit, rain or shine.

Starting from a marble block that each visitor is encouraged to touch and help form into a permanent hand print, a soaring ramp leads you upwards past white walls with subtle wood patterns pressed into the plaster and huge windows with great views. Each of the five floors has several exhibition spaces which are revealed as you unwittingly follow the building’s clever design, via sliding metal doors and hidden corridors, up to the fifth floor where elevators that open on adjacent sides will take you back down to the ground floor cafe and shop.  

One of the current exhibition is ARS17, a fascinating and interactive collection on the theme of digital revolution. The museum also has performances, talks, screenings as well as activities for children and guided tours (see website for details). There is also a library of contemporary art, an excellent shop and stylish cafe.

Kiasma is located in the centre of Helsinki on the plaza opposite the parliament house. It is closed on Mondays and entrance is free on the first Friday of every month.

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