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Musician Tuomas Holopainen

24.9.2019 Text: Helsinki This Week Photos: Ville Juurikkala
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Tuomas Holopainen is a Finnish musician known as the leader, keyboardist and primary composer and lyricist of Nightwish. Currently, Tuomas is working on Nightwish’s next album. Alongside that, he makes crossword puzzles, tends to his garden and enjoys late summer in his hometown of Kitee in Northern Karelia.

Tuomas, you live in Kitee in the region of Northern Karelia. What is your relationship with Helsinki?

I visit Helsinki quite often because of work and also for fun. For instance, the Helsinki Book Fair and certain concerts attract me to the Finnish capital every now and then. I’m familiar enough with Helsinki not to get lost.


1. Hotel Helka
Our band’s go-to place when staying the night in Helsinki. I’ve counted that so far I’ve spent a year of my life there.
2. Restaurant Olo
A very classy, warm and inspiring restaurant where the works of art take you on a journey of tastes to your childhood, purity and happiness.
3. Akateeminen kirjakauppa bookshop
A place where I can easily spend hours. Books create a peaceful, museal atmosphere, and Aalto Café upstairs has excellent treats.
4. Natural History Museum
This is worth several visits, it is always compelling and inspiring.
5. Ruohonjuuri shops
They are providing organic and environmentally friendly products. And it’s probably the only thing I miss in Kitee.

You were born in Kitee and still live there. Why?

Kitee holds my memories, peace, family and everything I need. The more I’ve travelled around world, the clearer it is for me what a lovely safe haven Kitee is.

What is Nightwish up to at the moment?

We just finished a demo of our upcoming album, and the idea is to devote the rest of the year to rehearsing, arranging and recording the album. We’re hoping the final result to see the light of day in spring 2020. So there is exciting buzz in the air.

How are you spending your summer?

I will mostly spend my summer putting together the album but there will surely be time for traditional summer fun, too, from waterskiing to picking mushrooms and from watching a fire to reading.

You have toured the world a lot. What are the most memorable concert locations where you have performed?

The more exotic a location sounds on paper, the more memorable the experience usually is. Panama, Costa Rica, Olavinlinna Castle in Finland, the village of Lakselv in Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Libanon, Enon Kanavaranta Rock festival, Kiteen Huvikeskus… There are so many. Oh yes, and the iconic Wembley Arena in London is also among the top places.

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