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F1 driver Valtteri Bottas

10.11.2015 Text: Helsinki This Week Photos: SuomiF1
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Valtteri Bottas is a Finnish race driver currently competing in Formula One with Williams Martini Racing. He began his career racing karts at the age of six. He has won numerous championships in many different series and started as a F1 Williams race driver in the 2013 season. Bottas achieved his first ever F1 podium finish in Austria in 2014. He currently lives in Monaco.

What is you relationship to Helsinki?

Whenever I get the chance, I fly to Helsinki to visit my fiancee (who lives in Vantaa) and we go to Helsinki quite often to do some shopping there. Helsinki’s good selection of restaurants also attracts us.

You live currently abroad. How would you compare Helsinki to other cities you have visited?

It is one of my favorite cities. It’s a very easy town to get around and you find everything you need. It is located by the sea, it is not too big and there isn’t too much traffic

What’s your favourite nature place in Helsinki?

There are lots of small islands on the coast of Helsinki, they are accessible by boat and have nice summer restaurants.

And when you go out, what is your favourite club?

Ravintola Teatteri because of the atmosphere.

What is the best thing in Helsinki in your opinion?  

It has everything that a big city can offer, without all the negatives.

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