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9.4.2018 Text: Helsinki This Week Photos: Karaokebar Populus
Populus Karaoke Bar Helsinki

With the new legal change, many bars can now remain open longer than before. One of them is Karaokebar Populus, which has been open 24/7 since the beginning of April.

A historical legal change entered into force in Finland this year. With the change, laws concerning the sales and serving of alcohol will be less strict. So, there will no longer be any restrictions for restaurant opening hours. As a result, many bars and restaurants grasped the opportunities offered by the change and now attract customers with new opening hours.

The legendary Bar Populus has been serving customers 24/7 since the beginning of April. The news also aroused attention in several media, including Finland’s largest daily newspaper. Tommi Ranta, IT Manager of Service Restaurants Oy, how have the new opening hours been welcomed? ”Both our customers and personnel have been enthusiastic about them. People are now so interested in us that customers as far away as Espoo and Vantaa come to see our extended nightlife hours! The new opening hours were taken into use at the end of the last month and around Easter. Then when customers had a holiday and time to enjoy the unique atmosphere at Populus.”

Karaokebar Populus

Although the restaurant remains open throughout the day, there are some limitations to singing karaoke. ”That is because Populus is situated at the lower floors of a residential building and, as a responsible operator, we want to respect the peace of the inhabitants. This means that there will be no singing after midnight on weekdays or after 1:30 a.m. at weekends”, Ranta says.

Alcohol will stop being served at 4 a.m. although customers will have time to drink their last drink until 5 a.m. After that, Populus serves coffee and beverages, and porridge for breakfast. When the clock hits 9 a.m., the karaoke equipment is turned on again and the singing can begin. From there on, alcohol will again be sold over the bar counter.

Karaokebar Populus
Aleksis Kiven katu 22
+358 9 735 519  

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