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Restaurant Blue Peter – Encounters by the sea in Helsinki

4.9.2018 Text: Helsinki This Week Photos: Blue Peter
Blue Peter

Enjoy a dinner by the sea at the traditional restaurant Blue Peter.

Living room of the people of Lauttasaari

When the restaurant’s website includes such phrases as “a sailor doesn’t ask for tailwind, but learns to sail” or “waves of the ocean, stories of the wind and the scent of tar”, this immediately brings to mind a certain image of the place. So what kind of a restaurant is the traditional Blue Peter? This restaurant known as the living room of the people of the seaside neighbourhood of Lauttasaari.

“We are an atmospheric and casual seaside restaurant where everyone can have a good time. It’s also possible to organise different kinds of events here. Only a few days ago we had a day that covered the entire spectrum of life: a memorial in one part of the restaurant and a name-giving in the other,” says the restaurant’s manager Ulla Helenius. According to Helenius, families often come to Blue Peter on Sundays, whereas employees from nearby businesses and groups of friends often visit for lunch on weekdays. “Especially groups of older friends like to meet here and enjoy our lunch, which has a special price for senior citizens.”

The nautical quotations on the website are explained by the fact that Blue Peter is located in the Lauttasaari marina, and it has operated as the restaurant of yacht club Helsingfors Segelklubb (HSK) since 1976. In addition, both of the current restaurant entrepreneurs, brothers Jussi and Ville Forsman, who have run Blue Peter for more than 15 years, are both ex-sailors.

Archipelago Table and Crayfish Menu

Blue Peter’s cuisine is bistro-style, relying on seasonal flavours. The restaurant’s buffet lunch is a customer favourite, especially for its wide variety and abundance. Lunch is served from 11:00 to 14:30 and costs EUR 12.50 per person. Pensioners can enjoy lunch at the discounted price of EUR 10.30.
The bistro menu relies on traditional and well-tried flavours. On offer are burgers, salmon soup, Wallenberg steaks, toasted sandwiches with cold-smoked salmon and crayfish as well as ox tartare.

The Chef’s Menu combines the best of the bistro menu in a three-course menu. For example, it kicks off with the Archipelago Platter, followed by a main of pan-fried whitefish and, finally, an artisan ice cream scoop as dessert. The Chef’s Menu costs EUR 45.50. Both menus are available on weekdays starting from 14:30 and on weekends from 12:00 onwards.

The restaurant’s shining star is the Archipelago Table served on Sundays. The diverse buffet is suitable for the entire family and offers traditional brunch dishes as well as several delicious Scandinavian seafood dishes. There are several warm dishes and the dessert offering features different sweets to suit all tastes. The Archipelago Table is open from 12:00 to 16:00 on Sundays and costs EUR 29.50 per person. For children, the Archipelago Table is priced at EUR 1.5 for every year of age (up to 12 years of age).

The popular crayfish menu is still availbale at Blue Peter. It starts with 5 signal crayfishes, toast, dill and butter, followed by a main of crispy overripe pork belly, chanterelles cooked in creamy sauce and poached egg. Fresh raspberries, toffee and raspberry sorbet is served as a dessert. You can also order crayfeshes as a main course or as such for a group.

Seaside Location

Blue Peter’s interior design is unpretentious and homely. The restaurant is the perfect setting for throwing an unforgettable party, a nice lunch, Sunday meal for the entire family or an atmospheric dinner. The interior design is by dSign Vertti Kivi & Co. The view is commanded by fabulous sailing boats and amazing seascapes, one more fabulous than another.

Blue Peter is located in the neighbourhood of Lauttasaari, which is one of Helsinki’s seaside districts. It is an island connected to Southern Helsinki with a bridge and, in addition to buses, you can also take the metro there. The metro ride from Central Railway Station takes approximately six minutes. The walk from Lauttasaari metro station to Blue Peter is around 10 minutes, but it is a lovely walk through a homely residential district and leafy parks. And don’t forget city bikes, which are available till the end of October.

Blue Peter
Vattuniemen Puistotie 1
Mon–Thu 11:00–23:00, Fri & Sat 11:00–24:00 and Sun 12:00–21:00  

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