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Restaurant Eevert – Food, Drink & Design

21.8.2018 Text: Helsinki This Week Photos: Restaurant Eevert
Restaurant Eevert

Located in the hip neighbourhood of Punavuori, Restaurant Eevert provides a holistic experience consisting of food, drink and Finnish design.

The first thing that welcomes customers at Eevert is its peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. After that, you start seeing the number of beautiful objects and furniture that are all Finnish design. You are surrounded by the works of such great Finnish designers as Alvar Aalto, Harri Koskinen, Yrjö Kukkapuro, Lars Sonck and Oiva Toikka. The restaurant also has rare pieces, such as Yrjö Kukkapuro’s Remmi furniture in the original brass colour.

The architect Alvar Aalto has a specific role in the restaurant as the building that houses Eevert is, in fact, a building designed by Alvar Aalto in 1952 where Aalto had an office. Aalto’s touch can be seen in the restaurant’s interior: there are round skylights characteristic of Aalto, wooden walls, a white lattice-type roof and wooden doors.

Modern Finnish cuisine

The inspiration for the Eevert’s food are the changing Finnish seasons, its flavours and colours. “Our food is honest, clean and as natural as possible. Our ingredients come from different Finnish small-scale producers, from Finnish forests and fields. Even though the basic flavours of our food derive from traditional Finnish cuisine, our food is modern,” says restaurateur Tarja Martiskainen. “Modernity and visuality – they are our things,” she adds.

The restaurant offers menus from four to six dishes as well as a tasting menu. The royal ingredients of Finnish cuisine shine in the menus, for instance, berries, mushrooms, game, reindeer, different fish and smoked products. Of the popular menus, especially the Menu 4 presents Finnish basic  flavours, and it is a favourite of tourists. In addition, they have a traditional á la carte menu. “I would describe our restaurant as more of a casual fine dining restaurant than fine dining as such. We want our customers to eat well but in a relaxed atmosphere,” adds Martiskainen.

The menus are complemented by wines selected by the restaurant’s sommelier. In addition, Eevert offers Kyrö Distillery’s drink where Finnish basic flavours are presented in a modern manner. In addition to Kyrö,
the restaurant’s partners include Iittala, Arabia, Secto Design, Kaffa Roastery and Lumoan.

Family-run business in the background

Restaurant Eevert is run by the restaurateur couple Tarja and Kimmo Martiskainen who want to cherish the values of a family-run business in the restaurant and its operations. The couple wants to keep everything close and flexible. In addition, the restaurant’s name was found close. It was preceded by a long and careful process. “My husband’s grandfather couldn’t remember the names of all his grandchildren so he took to calling all of them Eevert. It felt like the right name for our restaurant where we respect history,” tells Martiskainen.

Restaurant Eevert
Ratakatu 9
+358 20 741 3010
Tue–Sat 17–23

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