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Restaurant Saaga

8.5.2019 Text: Helsinki This Week Photos: Restaurant Saaga
Restaurant Saaga

Restaurant Saaga is the place to go when you feel like having a taste of Lapland on your visit to Helsinki.

True Lappish atmosphere

Restaurant Saaga serves food with a feeling of Lapland and Northern Finland. Located near the centre of the city, the restaurant has about 100 seats in two floors, so there’s plenty of room for big and small dinner parties. Bringing the best produce and delicacies of Northern Finland to the table, Saaga also gives you the genuine atmosphere of Lapland in many ways. You can feel the Lappish nature and magic the minute you step into the restaurant with its décor and nice dim lightning. The exotic charm of Lapland is also present in the tableware, but most importantly on the menu.

Fish delicacies on an ice-filled wooden boat

To begin your tasty journey through Lapland, start with the unique fish buffet served on an ice-filled wooden boat. Around 150 kilos of ice keep the dishes cool and fresh. You can have the buffet with or without a main course. Get your taste buds going with these fishy dishes, prepared with respect to local and seasonal ingredients. The buffet brings you dozens of different flavours of herring, salmon, whitefish, roach… Just to mention a few. Served with salads, roasted veggies, Finnish traditional potatoes and Lappish bread. And, you can complete your menu with a main course or finish the fish buffet dinner with a chocolaty dessert.

Have a taste of bear meat

The stars of the menu are reindeer and bear! There are two great options for enjoying reindeer and this restaurant knows how to prepare them right: Choose between a grilled reindeer fillet and the traditional sautéed reindeer in a cast iron pot with potato mash. Both are excellent! But if you have never tasted bear meat, you should do that too. There’s a tasting size portion of bear on the menu: 50g of slow-braised bear meat in braising stock served in a wooden Kuksa cup. Definitely worth a try! All the dishes on the menu are made with seasonal and fresh produce, much of which is sourced from small producers. They say that in the Northern environment the wildlife and flora really flourish, so it’s no wonder Restaurant Saaga uses the ingredients and meat from Northern and Lappish producers. And hey, as an appetizer sip a cup of ”Gold rush in a glass”, including cloudberry liqueur, sea buckthorn juice and ginger ale.

One more tip before you go: You can reserve their private room for 0-12 persons for free.

Restaurant Saaga
Bulevardi 36, 00120 Helsinki
Open Mon-Sat 18-23

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