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Rock musician Michael Monroe

3.8.2016 Text: Helsinki This Week Photos: Ville Juurikkala
My Helsinki: Michael Monroe

Michael Monroe is a legendary Finnish rock musician and multi-instrumentalist who became famous as a vocalist for the word-widely known glam punk band Hanoi Rocks in 1980’s. He is also known for his many solo projects. Currently he’s touring with his band on their latest album released in 2015. 

You spent your childhood in Helsinki. What was Helsinki like back then? 

I liked growing up in Helsinki. Töölö was a great area to live in and it’s still my favorite part of town. It’s close enough to the city center and still quiet and peaceful.

You live in Turku nowadays, but what’s your relationship to Helsinki?

I visit Helsinki a lot because of my work.  Sometimes many times a week, but usually at least a few times a month. Helsinki will always feel like my home town.

Do you have any special or favourite places where you visit every time you come to the city?

I normally come here to work or to run some errands, so I go wherever that takes me.

When you receive guests from abroad, what do you show them in Helsinki? 

That depends on who the guests are.  Some close friends from abroad I take to Töölö to my old neighborhood to show where I hung out when I was growing up.  Like the Sibelius Monument, Sibelius Park, Rock Church, my old school etc.

If you like clubs, the Tavastia Club is a legendary place where I always have a good show when I play there.

Could you recommend a bar, restaurant, club, or café to our readers? And why?

I don’t know that many places there nowadays. I usually just go wherever it’s convenient at the time.  I don’t really have any special favorites. I don’t go to bars to hang out since I don’t drink alcohol.

As you’re such an internationally renown artist, what would you say are the best places in Helsinki to rock ´n´roll? 

If you like clubs, the Tavastia Club is a legendary place where I always have a good show when I play there. Nosturi is also a good venue to see a band.  However, it really depends on the band that’s playing.

There are lots of happening in Helsinki in August – e.g. Flow Festival, Helsinki Festival, Art Goes Kapakka – do you have any favourites and are you going to join any of the action?

I’m sure they’re all good events, it’s all a matter of taste.  Depends on what kind of stuff you’re into. I’m not performing at any of those events this year, so I probably won’t attend.

What are you currently working with and how does your autumn look like?

I’m touring with my band on our latest album Blackout States which was released last fall.  We’re playing some festivals in Finland, Sweden, Germany and England this summer.

Do you want to see Michael on tour? See the gigs at 

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