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Santa Claus

7.11.2016 Text: Helsinki This Week Photos: Samu Rötkönen
My Helsinki: Santa Claus

Santa Claus is the most famous Finn, known all over the world. He lives in the Artic Circle in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Christmas is drawing nearer. What is happening in your home and workshops at Korvatunturi right now?

Preparations for Christmas are in full swing. We started making the first presents right after midsummer, and we are on schedule for Christmas.

How do you relax after the busy festive season?

The best way to recuperate from the trip around the world on Christmas Day is to enjoy the Finnish sauna. After a week or two, when we have slept off the effects of the holidays, Mrs. Claus and I usually go skiing and unwind in Lapland, enjoying its beautiful nature.

Do you find the time to visit Helsinki outside Christmas Eve?

Of course I come to the capital every now and then, there are so many nice events in the region! I will definitely be there at the official opening of the Christmas season at the end of November.

Helsinki will hold its traditional Christmas Street opening ceremony on 20 November. What is happening at the ceremony and what will your role be in this celebration?

Of course, I’ll be making the trip from Lapland to be there. The programme is still a secret, and it’s not always possible to reveal everything beforehand. All I can say for now is, come and see for yourself at Senate Square on the day. One thing’s for sure, it will be fun!

How does Helsinki fare on your naughty or nice list compared to the rest of Finland? Are there nice people in Helsinki?

Well, you will find out on Christmas Eve, after I have balanced the books. So far, things are looking fairly good for you!

You travel around the world on Christmas Eve. How would you characterise Finland and Helsinki compared to other places?

Of course, every city is unique and has its own sights and attractions that cannot be compared with those of others. As a man who has seen the world and been to places, I can say that Helsinki has a lot to be proud of!

Snow is a rare sight in Helsinki on Christmas Eve. How does this affect your travel plans and logistics? Can your reindeer pull the sleigh even on snowless ground?

As you know, my reindeer can fly. So rest assured, I will definitely visit you, with or without snow!

Do you have any greetings for our readers?

Remember that my elves are watching you, children and adults alike, remember to be good, eat your greens and behave yourselves!

Opening of Aleksanterinkatu Christmas Street
Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi

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