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Singer Tarja Turunen

3.6.2015 Text: Karoliina Saarnikko Photos: Tim Tronckoe
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Tarja Turunen is a Finnish singer-songwriter who became famous as the lead vocalist of the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish. She is also a professional classical lied singer and has a vocal range of three octaves. She launched her solo career in 2006 and has released many albums since then. She has performed all around the world and has millions of fans internationally. She currently lives in Buenos Aires with her argentine husband and their daughter.

Your relationship to Helsinki?

I lived a few years in Helsinki, Munkkiniemi district, in the late 90´s before moving to Germany for my studies. I really loved my little, cozy apartment in Munkkiniemi. 
I have several friends in the Helsinki area, and even my youngest brother Toni lives nearby. Nowadays I mainly visit Helsinki for business reasons, but also I go to see my friends and family every time I am back in Finland. 

How is Helsinki compared to other cities you have visited and lived in?

Helsinki is still a rather small capital, even though it might feel like a big city for the Finns. You can have small trouble with the traffic sometimes if you are driving a car, but it is nothing compared to the city of Buenos Aires where I am living at the moment! There you really need to have patience with the traffic. 

But Helsinki is very attractive and cute at the same time. It is surrounded with sea and has lots of beautiful spots to enjoy the sea views and relax even though you are in the centre of the city. 

Helsinki is also a show off town for the Finnish design and you can find excellent boutiques and bars presenting the modern way of living in Finland. 


1. Restaurant?
Restaurant Olo.
2. Shop?
Stockmann, Esplanadi, Kämp Galleria and the streets of the Design District
3. Place?
To drink coffee and champagne I go to Café Strinberg in Bulevardi. 

What’s your favourite place to perform in Helsinki?

During my career I have performed in several different kinds of venues in Helsinki: Arenas, churches, theatres, small clubs and even in The National Opera. From those for me the most impressive was the National Opera. 

What are you currently working with?

I am currently working as a coach in TV show “The Voice of Finland” and producing my new rock album at the same time. I just finished the productions for my classical “Ave Maria”-album and another rock live-album. Those two albums are going to see the light of day during this year. 

After the TV-program, I am heading to Russia for a classical concert tour and spending all the summer producing my rock album. In the fall I will have several rock tours in Latin America, and later in the year traditional Christmas tour in Finland and some other European countries. 

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