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Spring Day Trip to Isosaari

15.5.2018 Text: Helsinki This Week Photos: Isosaari
To do & see in Helsinki - Isosaari

Isosaari, one of several small islands surrounding Helsinki, is now open to the public. Take a boat from Market Square and you’ll be there in about half an hour. The island’s sights and nature are quite unique.

Isosaari is one of Helsinki’s outermost islands and a significant destination in terms of its cultural history. As a fort island, Isosaari is more than 100 years old, and it was already inhabited in the 19th century. The island has a remarkable military history, and there are a number of sights to remind visitors of that.

Most of the island is forested, but there are good roads for walking. Rare birds, such as the white-tailed eagle, nest on the island, and seals have also been sighted in the nearby waters.

The island boasts a restaurant with a wonderful terrace by the sea, two beaches, rocky shores, picnic spots and even a golf course.The boat to Isosaari leaves every hour from Market Square. The journey takes just over half an hour.

To buy tickets for the boat and learn more about the island, go to

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