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The legendary Olympic Stadium is open again!

25.9.2020 Text: Helsinki This Week Photos: Stadion Säätiö_Wellu Hämäläinen
Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium is the most iconic event arena in Finland, and it has just opened doors after a complete renovation. The stadium provides an unforgettable and historical setting for encounters at events, concerts, meetings, visits, and sports, just like it has done for decades. Now, as a proudly renovated for multipurpose arena, it stands the requirements of major international events too.

Originally the Helsinki Olympic Stadium opened its gates in 1938. The planning and design of the Stadium started already in 1927 when the Finnish Stadium Foundation was established. It had a grand task: to manage and monitor the construction of a stadium that would allow Helsinki to host the Summer Olympics. The Games were to be held in August 1940 but were cancelled following the outbreak of World War II in 1939. It took some years and eventually the Olympic fire was lit in July 1952 and the Olympic Stadium was the venue for the track and field events, football games and equestrian sports.

Olympic Stadium

For many decades, the Helsinki Olympic Stadium had the reputation of being the most beautiful arena in the world, and why not even today! The architects Yrjö Lindegren and Toivo Jäntti designed the Olympic Stadium, and it represents pure line functionalist style. The original design and features of the Stadium are much loved and, with skillful craftsmanship and modern technology, the same atmosphere is still there after the renovation.

The most visible part of the Olympic Stadium is, of course, the Tower. With a height of over 72 metres, it is the perfect place to admire the city. The Tower is open for visitors, and you can reach the outside observation deck at the top by first taking a lift and then a few stairs.

Olympic Stadium

Also, the Sports Museum returns to the Olympic Stadium in October 2020. Their renewed exhibitions and services can be found in the western wing of the Stadium. Learn about the story of Finnish sports in an exhibition that reveals more about the emotions and meanings that sport has for Finns. There’s also a special exhibition on the history of the Olympic Stadium, of course!

The Olympic Stadium,
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Book a Tour at Olympic Stadium

During the guided tour, you will immerge in the Stadium story from the 1930s to the present. The tour will take you to the new underground world and you will experience the hallway of the stars. The visit to the Stadium Tower is included in the tour ticket.

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