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Top 10 Finnish brands

c Marimekko

You have probably heard of Marimekko and the Moomins, but what else you know about Finnish top brands? We’ll introduce some classics; these ten are the most valued brands in Finland. Check out how many of them you know already!

1. Marimekko

Marimekko is probably one of the most known Finnish brands internationally. Marimekko was founded in 1951 by Viljo and Armi Ratia, and from the beginning it was known for the unparalleled printed fabrics. Two designers in particular, Vuokko Nurmesniemi (with bold stripes) and Maija Isola (with large simple flowered prints), created hundreds of distinctive patterns and were part of making Marimekko famous. Nowadays the company’s product portfolio includes high-quality clothing, bags and accessories as well as home décor items ranging from textiles to tableware.

Marimekko by Jussi Hellsten

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2. Iittala

Iittala is known for its glassware, design objects, and kitchenware. Iittala was founded already in 1881 as a glassworks and it still has strong roots on glass art. Some of the most loved design pieces of Iittala are Aalto Vase by Alvar Aalto, Oiva Toikka’s Birds and Tapio Wirkkala’s Ultima Thule glasses. Over time, Iittala has expanded from glass to other materials, such as ceramics and metal.

Iittala Oy

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KONE is an international engineering and service company building moving walkways, automatic doors and gates, escalators, and elevators. Almost every elevator you use in Finland is made by KONE. The company was founded already in 1910 and from the 1920s onwards it has been managed by one of Finland’s wealthiest families, the Herlin family.


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4. Artek

Artek is a Finnish furniture company, founded by architect Alvar Aalto and his wife Aino Aalto, visual arts promoter Maire Gullichsen, and art historian Nils-Gustav Hahl. The original aim of Artek was to promote the furniture and glassware of the Aalto Couple and to produce furnishings for their buildings. Artek furniture is still much-loved and their iconic leg stool 60 can be found at many homes and public spaces in Finland.


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5. Arabia

Arabia is one of Finland’s best-known and most beloved brands. For over 140 years, Arabia has been part of Finnish homes, celebrations, and everyday life. While Arabia designs tell the story of the times, they are always timeless. Beautiful, practical, and made to last, Arabia tableware brings people together – from generation to generation.


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6. Fiskars

Fiskars is one of the most valued brands in Finland. The company has operated in various sectors over the decades. Formerly it was best known for its orange-handled scissors created in 1967. More than one billion of those scissors were sold by 2010. Nowadays Fiskars’ products are related to home, outdoor activities, interior decoration, and table setting. The company has its roots in the village of Fiskars, about 100 kilometres west of Helsinki, where it is said to be founded already in 1649.


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7. Fazer

Fazer is one of the largest companies in the Finnish food industry. It was founded by Karl Fazer in 1891 as a French-Russian confectionery. Today Fazer’s production is divided into five areas: bakery, confectionery, lifestyle foods, food services, and retail. Fazer’s most notable product is the classic Fazer Blue milk chocolate. You can learn more about the Fazer story and their products in the Fazer Experience Visitor Centre.


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8. Moomins

The Moomins are originally the characters in a series of books and a comic strip by illustrator Tove Jansson. They are a family of white, round fairy tale characters with large snouts. Nine books about Moomins were released in series, together with five picture books and a comic strip published between 1945 and 1993. Since then, the Moomins have been an inspiration for numerous television series, films, a theme park, cafés, and hundreds of products.

Moomin TM

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9. Abloy

Abloy is known for its locks, doors, gates, and entrance automation. To the Finns, Abloy is almost a synonym for a key. The Finnish lock manufacturer Abloy merged with the Swedish Assa AB in the 1990s and is now called Assa Abloy AB. Nowadays their services also include, for example, biometric identity verification systems.


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10. Valio

Valio is a Finnish manufacturer of dairy products and one of the largest companies in Finland. Valio’s products include cheese, butter, yoghurt, and milk. It’s Finland’s largest milk processor, producing 85% of the country’s milk. Valio was founded in 1905 by 17 cooperative dairies.

Valio Oy

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