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Top 3 hottest activities in wintery Helsinki

15.1.2020 Text: Helsinki This Week Photos: Mikko Nikkinen / Visit Finland
Wintery Helsinki

Crispy and sunny winter days, dark and cosy evenings with city lights… You are enjoying your stay in Helsinki, so how to make the most of it? Go and experience the heat of sauna and the joy of wintery activities!

Relaxing in a sauna

Sauna is the essence of Finnish wellbeing. Enjoying the gentle heat of sauna also improves your health and relieves stress. Sauna is about mindfulness and relaxing. You can enjoy sauna in many locations in Helsinki. For example, Uunisaari Island is located only a stone ́s throw from the city center and offers a relaxing seaside atmosphere with sauna facilities, café and restaurant. The outdoor sea pool Allas Sea Pool next to the Market Square combines sauna, swimming pools and restaurants. Sauna Hermanni is a traditional public sauna in the Hermanni district, popular among locals.

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Wintery Helsinki

Ice swimming

Ice swimming is one of the best winter activities and worth a try! Taking a dip in an icy cold water has many health benefits: it releases tension, eases pain, increases blood circulation and boosts immune defense. Dip into the sea e.g. at Kulttuurisauna, next to Hakaniemi Market Square, or at the renowned restaurant-sauna Löyly in a unique location with great views. And just outside Helsinki, at Vantaa’s Kuusijärvi, you can try traditional Finnish smoke sauna and enjoy ice swimming.

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Wintery Helsinki

Gliding on snow & ice

In wintery Helsinki you should definitely try cross country skiing. A good place to do glide and slide on the snow is Paloheinä Recreational Centre. Rent a ski package (incl. skis, ski poles and ski boots) or take part in a 1-hour ski course. Take a bus 66 or 66A from the Railway Square to Paloheinä area.

The Ice Park is a great way to enjoy wintery urban culture. The Ice Park is conveniently located in the center, at the Railway Square. Relax with skates on, listen to music and afterwards have a hot drink in the park’s café. You can rent skates at the Ice Park. Helmets and helping sleds can be borrowed free of charge.

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Wintery Helsinki

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