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Trace – An exhibition on human traces in nature

26.3.2019 Text: Helsinki This Week Photos: Header: Heidi Holmlund / The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia
Haltia (c) Heidi Muhonen

Haltia – The Finnish Nature Centre wants to bring out all those traces that we humans leave to nature. The exhibition Trace speaks strongly about preserving nature and starting to understand the strong human imprint and traces to the surrounding environment.

This spring Haltia will represent its first exhibition over climate change. Via a hundred impressive photos, the exhibition showcases the strong human imprint on nature today. The photos are taken by Nordic photographers who also share their personal stories about nature and environment. The exhibition is created in co-operation with BioFoto Finland -association and environmental researcher Panu Pihkala.

Photo: Ann Karin Matberg

Relief to climate anxiety

The aim of Trace is to raise thoughts and give hope. Many of us feel distressed about climate change and environmental challenges nowadays. Many even have psychophysical symptoms like weakness, pain or depression. These photographers want to help us cope with the climate anxiety with their empowering photos,  and turn the distress into an asset. The core message is that everyone can have an influence on his or her own traces by doing better choices.
Sometimes nature photos are criticised for distorting the real state of the nature. But the photos at Trace are real, that’s why they may also raise controversial feelings.

Photo: Anne Øverås

Make a difference

Haltia also offers various means to make a difference to the future of nature. For example, visitors can step into a voting booth and write greetings for the upcoming Finnish government. The Director of Haltia Tom Selänniemi is worried that maybe in the future Finnish nature can only be seen in museums: “What people do here and now will lead Haltia to become the nature museum of Finland. We want Finnish species to stay vital in the future too”. Selänniemi emphasises that the future is created together and at different levels.

The exhibition is available until 12.5.2019 after which it will start an international tour. Open Tue-Sun 10-17. Tickets 13 € / 8 €. Free with Helsinki Card. More info at

Photo: Eva Frisnes

The Finnish Nature Center Haltia is a modern exhibition and event centre gathering jewels of Finnish nature under one roof.  Haltia’s main building was designed by architect Rainer Mahlamäki, with inspiration from Kalevala, the Finnish national epic. Haltia is surrounded by the spectacular views of Nuuksio National Park and Lake Pitkäjärvi, both offering excellent hiking paths and best of the Finnish nature. Try Delicious Nature on your plate lunch at restaurant Haltia and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Get the best nature-related souvenirs from Haltia Shop!


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