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Visit Oulu, the vibrant city in Northern Finland

18.8.2021 Text: Helsinki This Week Photos: Header: Visit Oulu
Visit Oulu

Are you planning to visit Oulu, Finland? If yes, read on! Our travel guide article features some of the best restaurants in Oulu and gives you tips on what to do and see. Also, there are many hotels in Oulu to choose from and so many interesting things to do. So, enjoy the QStock festival and see the most famous policeman in Oulu.

Enjoy a tasty lunch and dinner

Most of the best restaurants in Oulu are located in the centre of the city, between the seashore and Isokatu street. When visiting Oulu, we recommend visiting a restaurant cantina Puistola that serves some damn good and tasty artisan pizzas, alongside lunch and a la carte. The best-rated restaurant in the city in Restaurant Uleåborg 1881, famous for their fine dining Scandinavian menu. If visiting Oulu during summer, you can also check the popular park café Makia in Otto Karhi Park.

Restaurant Puistola is a place to have a tasty artisan pizza.

The best festival in Northern Finland

QStock festival is a popular two-day rock festival organised every year in late July. The location is exceptionally beautiful as the festival area is on the Kuusisaari island. And the festival is not just about rock music, but performances of many genres! Their line-up is quite impressive with the best and most popular bands and artists. See the biggest names from Finland and around the world! We recommend booking tickets for both days so that you won’t miss any! And remember to book early as the festival is usually sold out every year…

Qstock Oulu
Qstock is one of the reasons to visit Oulu!

Many hotels to choose from when you visit Oulu

There are so many hotels to choose from in Oulu, most of them in beautiful and central locations. We have tried a few and truly recommend booking a stay at Lapland Hotels Oulu. The rooms are decorated to reflect the magical and mystical Lapland. The hotel is located in the heart of the city, just next to the Oulu Cathedral, and many of the rooms have a great view towards this majestic church. Try also their Kitchen & Bar Oula with many different tasty reindeer dishes. Vegetarian option on the menu, too!
You should also check out Original Sokos Hotel Arina in the city centre and the Nordic Art Hotel Lasaretti.

Lapland Hotel Oulu lobby
The cozy feeling of Lapland Hotel Oulu.

Visit Oulu and see the famous policeman

The infamous statue of a funny little policeman, Toripolliisi, is definitely the sight to see when you visit Oulu. This bronze sculpture stands at the market square, and a selfie with this sympathetic character is a must when visiting Oulu!

The infamous statue of a funny little policeman is called Toripolliisi in Finnish.

Breathtaking Hailuoto island

Hailuoto is the largest island in the Bothnian Bay and is famous for both the wonderful maritime nature and top-notch cultural events, like Bättre Folk festival. The landscape with dunes and idyllic fishing villages is rough and charming. A ferry operates regularly between Hailuoto and Oulu, but if you happen to visit Oulu during the winter months, you can reach the island along an ice road of approximately 10 kilometres. With a population of just shy of 1,000 residents, it is the smallest municipality in the Northern Ostrobothnia region. 

The landscape in Hailuoto island is truly beautiful.

Shop at the Sokos department store

There is a Sokos department store in every Finnish city, or almost. They are located in the downtown areas of the largest cities of Finland. The First Sokos department store was opened in Helsinki already in the Olympic year 1952. So, go and shop like the locals do and discover their fashion, beauty, and home décor selections. We Finns love them, and so will you. As a bonus, good service is guaranteed, and especially in Oulu the staff is very welcoming and helpful!

There is a Sokos department store in every Finnish city, or almost.

Extra tip!

Talk to the residents and get to know them a bit! The people in Oulu are really nice and easy-going! And in addition, they are extremely proud of the local culture, nature and dialect.

Visit Oulu
The people in Oulu are really nice and easy-going!

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