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Winter Fun Wonderland

Winter in Helsinki

Helsinki in the wintertime? Yes, please! Here are some tips on how to really enjoy wintertime in Helsinki. Helsinki can be a lot of fun when the cold sets in.

Ice Ice Baby

One of the most crazy-sounding winter activities in Finland is ice swimming. Basically, it means taking a dip in the frozen sea or lake. Winter swimming, or ice swimming, is a traditional and popular winter activity in Finland. It’s popular mainly because of its health benefits and the ultimate feeling that it gives. Winter swimmers experience less stress and have better general well-being.

Ice swimming in Helsinki

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Hottest activity of winter

Sauna is the essence of Finnish wellbeing. Enjoying the gentle heat of the sauna also improves your health and relieves stress. Sauna is about mindfulness and relaxing. You can enjoy the sauna in many locations in Helsinki, and saunas come in all shapes and sizes. Some are wood-heated, and some saunas have the electric stove. Also, some traditional smoke saunas can be found in the city. Get warm!

Saunas in Helsinki

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Blades of glory

Ice hockey is the most-loved sport in Finland, so it’s no wonder that skating rinks can be found everywhere. The best option to enjoy ice skating is to visit Helsinki Ice Park right at the heart of the city, at the Railway Square. Ice Park has a small rink where you can rent skates and listen to music while you do your rounds.

Skating in Helsinki

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Too cold for your kids?

There is nothing worse than cabin-fevered, over-energized young ones, right? And outside it is snowing like hell or freezing cold? Get your kids to Helsinki Playground where they can romp, jump, swing, climb, and run.


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It’s a strike!

When was the last time you tried bowling? Bowling is fun and not bad for your health either. And the best thing is that you can spend time with your friends and enjoy the bubbling atmosphere of a bowling alley.

Fun Bowling in Helsinki

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Winter Garden

Winter Garden has been a meeting place for the residents of Helsinki for over a century. It is a peaceful sanctuary where nature blooms even during winters. The floral splendour varies according to the season, but all in all, it is an oasis of exotic plants. There are over 200 plants including palms, cacti, and old-time indoor plants.

Winter Garden in Helsinki

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